I am 76 years old. For years, I suffered from painful burning feet. I didn’t want to walk anymore because it was too painful, and I love to walk! A specialist told me I had neuropathy, but offered no information about treatment. My family doctor prescribed two powerful drugs intended for nerve pain, which helped for awhile, but the side effects were terrible.

Then, while getting treatment for another injury, I told Hilary about my painful feet. She asked if I would agree to an assessment to see if the condition could be treated. By manipulating my legs and feet, she demonstrated that the pain could be greatly reduced. She said, 'This is treatable.'

She gave me special exercises that, with the help of my husband, have greatly reduced the pain in my feet. I am now able to go for long walks without too much discomfort. My quality of life is much better thanks to Hilary’s treatment and gentle support.