How Can We Help You?


GRP can help determine the cause of your pain

What’s the Cause?

Sometimes it can be frustrating for people to figure out where their pain is coming from. Our physiotherapists take the time to work with you to help determine what is causing your problem, and we provide you with lots of education so that you understand the “how” and the “why” behind your painful symptoms. We believe that if you understand what is causing your symptoms, you will be better able to take charge of your recovery!

GRP can help you manage your pain

Manage your Pain

We can help you! Our physiotherapists will guide you on the road to recovery by teaching you how to take charge of your pain and become physically active again. We take the time to educate you so you understand what you are doing that might be contributing to your pain, and showing you which exercises will help you overcome your physical challenges. Relieving your symptoms and returning to “feeling good” is as important to us as it is to you!

GRP can help you reach your goals

Reach Your Goals

Whether it is returning to your favourite activity or hobby, or being able to work and live your life the way you would like, we will help you reach your goals. As physiotherapists, we help you restore your physical health in three important ways:

  1. determining the cause of your pain,
  2. using our skills to relieve your pain, and
  3. teaching you the exercises to remain pain-free and help prevent your problem from returning!

Your success is our reward!