Our Core Values


Patient-Centered Care

We strongly believe that one of the most important features of successful physiotherapy treatment is helping patients understand the factors that contribute to their injury.  This understanding empowers our patients; providing them the opportunity to influence the course and speed of their recovery.

Comprehensive Assessment

At Grand River Physiotherapy, we thoroughly evaluate how your body moves, assessing all of the possible joints and tissues that may be involved in creating your symptoms. This may include treating parts of your body that are remote to the painful area (eg. more central joints, including the spine) that may be contributing to your pain.  Ultimately, this comprehensive approach will lead to more complete rehabilitation of the injury, restoring your independence.

Rehabilitative Environment

We have created a unique environment that is professional, welcoming, focused on wellness and specifically suited to physiotherapy.  Our large gym/rehab area and private treatment rooms were specifically designed with our patients' needs in mind.

Be the Best at What We Do

Fellows of CAMPT (Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy) are a group of highly skilled physiotherapists with extensive post-graduate education, who have passed an internationally recognized accreditation process.  For more information, please visit:  www.manippt.org.


As part of the Orthopedic Curriculum of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, we are active in teaching orthopedic courses to graduate physiotherapists who are pursuing their orthopedic specialty (FCAMPT). We serve as clinical tutors at McMaster University, helping physiotherapy students hone their musculoskeletal assessment and treatment skills.


As part of our commitment to facilitate the advancement of the physiotherapy profession, we mentor physiotherapy residents towards completion of their degree (Master’s of Health Sciences in Physiotherapy).

We are actively involved in the co-op educational program at Centre Wellington District High School, providing an opportunity for high school students to learn and foster an interest in the profession of physiotherapy.